Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New GIF plus some more general rambling

This animation business is turning into a bit of an obsession of mine. It's definitely a lot more gratifying to see your character in motion. I feel it gives a much better sense of character and form. So here for your brains to absorb is my newest world changing masterpiece: a fat bloke in a grass skirt kicking nothing in an endless loop for no reason.

The colouring and shading were fairly new to me but I'd say the result is fairly decent regardless. I feel a few more of these and I will most likely be ready for making a proper animation with backgrounds and voice acting and a plot and what have you, but for the time being I am going to ward off that intimidating load of fuss with my "blade of +10 cowering behind something I know I'm moderately decent at". 

I plan on making it a regular feature on this blog of uploading a GIF of some description each day. Obviously on busy days it will probably won't be "put it on the fridge so everybody can see it" standard but it will most likely be there. I am more than happy to take requests for this, too. Put your suggestions in the comments and all that fun stuff.

In other news, I have attained a booth at Leicester Geekfest 2015. The event isn't the most mind-blowingly huge convention of all time but it will almost certainly be a joyous romp nonetheless. I still haven't entirely planned out what my booth will entail but it will have my beautiful face behind a table of my beautiful artwork so what could possibly go wrong? If you don't show up I will cry.

Expect more tomorrow!

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