Monday, 20 April 2015

Time to reignite this mother

Some of my more avid readers (Hi, Mum) will have noticed that I have completely removed all of my previous posts. Is this to detach my adult self from my ever-so-embarrassing younger self? Potentially. But my true reason for starting over is symbolic. I feel a true passing of an era in myself. The ashes of being a teenage dumbass are still hot, but hopefully the glorious blazing pheonix of adulthood will raise from this and carry me to a magical world of new artistic possibilities. I also intend on posting a bit more than once every century so if your idea of a good night in is reading up on a northern drunkard on his quest for "dank art skillz m9" then welcome to paradise. Oh and here's some of my art for any people unfamiliar with me.

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