Sunday, 16 August 2015

Google DeepDream Nonsense

 From what I understand, Google DeepDream is a system which plays off Google's image recognition system. This system was taught to identify the contents of millions of images in order to categorize new ones itself. This creepy Sci-Fi AI was then programmed to "daydream" in a way and put bits of what it sees into other images. I've heard it being compared to looking for shapes in a cloudy sky, only if it sees a dog, it will actually turn that profile into a dog over several passes of edge refinement.

For a less shitty explanation check this out:

 From an artist's perspective I have to say that I'm genuinely impressed by the perceived artistic nature of a lot of these. It's an odd thing really. It's just following protocols and algorithms, yet it's still better than a lot of surrealist art.

 And it doesn't even need input, check this video out, all produced solely by the program. It'd be cool to get some sort of monitor that could generate these up on the wall.

Anyway If you want to see what HAL 9000 makes of my art click the "Display Gallery" button below. I personally really like the snakebird abomination that it made from my Shrek painting

Long awaited update

In typical GhostBrush fashion, I appear to have put off my responsibilities and allowed this blog to fall into a state of disrepair. Hopefully this post puts me back on track and hopefully I actually start feeding this neglected child of a blog.

I guess first thing's first, here are a few paintings I did in my downtime. people who follow my Facebook have no doubt already seen these
Elemental temples

A Brine Murklet
As you can see I've been messing around with the usual concepts, but now I have a direction. I am slowly but surely working on a personal creative universe for use in some sort of writing or graphic novel. I won't reveal much about it until I have confidence that people will enjoy it.

Onto other stuff. I can't remember if I mentioned this as of yet but I have made the switch to study animation instead of game art. I feel the whole drawing hundreds of pictures a day is much more beneficial to me as an artist than making 3D renders of a table. Hooray for an extra ten thousand pounds of debt :D

Butterfly Eater


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Monday, 27 April 2015


Bird flight study
Today's belated GIF is a study of a dove in infuriating slow motion. I tried to focus on the 3D stuff in this one.from what I've learnt so far this is one of the more important aspects of making an animation look convincing. Ya boi Jakers has been reading up on his animation history and it turns out this has been a priority since the start. Check out this chap, Winsor McCay, one of the first full scale animators that graced this good earth. This crazy bastard got it figured out back in 1912, and on top of that, each frame is hand drawn. Looks like it's time to up my game then, eh fellers?

Extract from Winsor McCay's Gertie 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Leto's Joker: a brief character design analysis

This is probably going to be covered a lot, so I am going to use it as more of an exercise in character design theory than an article I expect anybody to give a damn about, so get ready for some poorly formatted ramblage.

My feelings towards this image are mixed. While I do think this is an undoubtedly beautiful piece of character design, there is a lot I have to complain about.

Obviously there are some major differences in his design, taking it in a more Marylin Manson, 90s NĂ¼-metal kid, "My Dad doesn't understand me" direction, but I feel that in the context of the suicide squad this is a good decision. It comes across a lot more punk, anti-hero than "rich white bastard with a nice taylor"

Now on to the tattoos. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely dig the idea of Joker with his impulsiveness walking into a tattoo parlor and inking himself head to toe. This isn't out of character and actually looks pretty sweet, but then you take a closer look. I know he is a narcissist, but they are some pretty masturbatory tattoos even for him. Not only masturbatory but weirdly self-aware and pop-cultural. They are the tattoos of a fan of batman gets; It's like if Bruce Wayne wore one of those batman logo shirts fat guys wear at comic book conventions.

Oh and whoever thought of him having the word "damaged" tattooed on his forehead can fuck off. There is absolutely nothing clever, or even appropriate to the character about this. We guessed he was damaged without this little visual clue, lads and the fact that he acknowledges himself as damaged to the degree where he will mark the fact on his face forever just feels so... not him. He was never one for reflecting or brooding, he just does shit he thinks is funny, poetic or will prove some unusual point. And again, he is a narcissistic sociopath, why would it even occur to him there was anything wrong with him, let alone feel the need to point it out to his mates. This is the man who cut his face off as part of his plan. clearly he doesn't give a shit about his physical or mental state.

The other stuff really works for me. The grill, the makeup, the hair, he looks like a guy who's done some shit, and done the time that comes with it. There is some really sinister, cannibal quality to his appearance, and what's more is he actually looks like some people I've met at gigs. He's legitimately horrifying to look at with his haunting and iconic state of uncontrollable, maniacal hysterics.

So all in all I'd say I'm pretty impressed if not for some quite prominent niggles. Hopefully Suicide Squad is as interesting as its looking to be.

GIF of the day 2

Late birthday present for my apprentice of legitimacy, Big Man Danny T.
This piece accurately depicts the fighting style and poorly drawn body everybody knows him so well for. It was very tricky to get a likeness on his face, and I feel that this result is nowhere near photorealistic enough. I couldn't quite capture the "big old douche" demeanor he carries across so prominently.